Our Badges and Meters

Our Badge & Meter system is designed to help our shoppers understand more clearly what they are purchasing. The number on the badge indicates the fill power. For example, 550 fill is warm, lightweight and durable; ideal for general out door and day to day use in cold climates. If you want something a little warmer, 700 fill offers outstanding insulation from a high cluster-to-feather ratio.

Fill Power

Fill power (or loft) is the ability of down to regain its original volume after being compressed during shipping, storage or use. We offer a selection of fill power ranging from 550-750; the higher the fill power, the greater the ability of down to insulate and provide warmth.

Down Alternative

Micro-fill is a gel fiber that mimics the warmth and feel of down. It is a high quality product that provides incredible comfort, look and feel for a lower price then its’ down counterpart.


Soft vs Firm

No two sleepers are alike. Some people prefer to sleep on a firm pillow or mattress pad and some prefer to sleep on a soft pillow or mattress pad. This badge is designed to help you choose the product that will best accommodate your preferred sleep choice.


Temperature Gage

DownLinens offers a variety of products that can keep you feeling comfortable in any season. This gage is designed to help you choose the product that works best for your climate & seasonal needs or personal preference.

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