Everything You Need to Know When Shopping for Bedding

What exactly is the difference between a Full and Queen bed? What about between down and fiber pillows?
Before buying any bedroom décor, it's best to be fully educated, which is what we're here to do. Check out our guides below to make sure you get the right stuff for you.



What to look for when buying Dorm Bedding

College is exhausting, but having the right bedding can make the difference between a restful night and an unintentional all-nighter. This is especially important because dorms generally offer a uniquely sized mattress that may not match the mattresses at home. Make sure you’re getting the right sheets before setting off for school.


What to look for when buying a Down Alternative Comforter

Natural down comforters aren’t for everyone: if you love the feel of down but suffer from an allergy, then you might need to check out a down alternative. Luckily, there are plenty of hypoallergenic down alternatives that offer the same levels of durability, warmth and coziness of natural down, so you can happily have your cake and eat it too.


What to look for when buying Down Comforters

Down comforters are luxurious, classy, but best of all, ours are affordable. Buying a down comforter is fairly simple, but there are a few pertinent details that are important to snuggle up with. Down is known as the light and airy, three-dimensional clusters located beneath the bird’s feather, and comforters of the stuff come in many shapes and sizes.


What to look for when buying a Down Pillow

Down pillows have long been heralded for their plush and literal “light as a feather” appeal and differ significantly from feather pillows for quality. The options are endless when it comes to down decisions, but with proper research, you can navigate and find that perfect bundle of feathery heaven to rest your head upon.


What to look for when buying a Fiber Pillow

The right pillow is paramount for a good night’s sleep. You want your head to be cradled in the perfect position as you nod off, and you want it to stay comfortable throughout the night. Selecting the right pillow is both an art and a science: your personal preferences will play an important factor, but so will other considerations, like the way that you sleep.


What to look for when buying a Feather Bed

Looking to revolutionize your sleep without investing in a new mattress? A feather bed might be the perfect solution. Lay it over top your mattress and sink right in to achieve the ultimate in comfort. It’s so good, it’s almost like a pillow for your body. Here are the specifications you’ll want to brush up on.


What to look for when buying a Fiber Bed

If you want to take your bed to the next level in comfort, look no further than a fiber bed. These heavenly soft bed toppers are filled with synthetic materials, making them 100% hypoallergenic and a more affordable alternative to down featherbeds. Dreaming of the perfect fiber bed? This guide will help you demystify the different components.


What to look for when buying a Fleece Blanket

Soft and delicate, yet toasty warm, the right fleece blanket is perfect for snuggling on the couch or keeping the heat in your bed on cold nights. On the flipside, the wrong fleece blanket can shed all over the house or turn into a pilly mess after the first wash. In the worst case, you may be allergic to the fleece you bought.


What to look for when buying a Mattress Pad

Mattress pads serve a multi-purpose role to promote extra comfort, provide protection and maintain tidy sheets. Also known as mattress toppers, pads range in various thickness and densities depending on your bedtime needs. Thicker mats promote extra-cushion while thinner mats block out dust mites and soak up oil, dirt, sweat and stains so your mattress can stay squeaky clean.


What to look for when buying a Duvet Cover

Snuggle up with the perfect Duvet cover- a plush comforter insert covered by a thin, removable cloth covering easy to wash and change. Duvets rival your usual one piece-comforter by giving you the option to build your blankie just how you like it, from filling, to construction and cover design. Become a duvet expert with these tips to help you make the right choice.


PS: Any time you get a down product and it comes scrunched into a box of sorts, take it out, spread it out, and let it sit for a few hours. Then after it breathes, you will have the fluffy comforter/pillow/featherbed you always dreamed about!

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